Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Starving Child's First Album

My eldest son is quite creative and loves to write and illustrate stories. He also loves music. Recently, he made a list of songs to write for his first album, titled Have A Great Time. The titles are as follows:

1) Great Time
2) I Love That Smell (my personal favorite, written while I was cooking his favorite supper)
3) Ahhh...
4) Mmm....

Now, for a song title, you just can't beat I Love That Smell. It is unfortunate that he has gotten no further than titles, except for these exerpts from Great Time and I Love That Smell:

1) I'm having a great time now, right now...
2) I love that smell, ohhh....yep.

I've been encouraging him to finish the songs, and will post lyrics here if I ever get them.

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