Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Confusing Comment From Everyone's Friend, Anonymous

Been away for a while, and came in to find a comment from Anonymous on my last post about the frightening immaturity of those who would destroy society unless they could control it. The comment is interesting in that I really don't understand what Anonymous is trying to get across. So, here's my response:

Thanks for your comment, Anonymous.

Anonymous: You are so very lost in the false left right paradigm that unfortunately you will never be free from it.

Maleficent: What exactly is this false left-right paradigm in which I am so very lost?

Anonymous: People like you are so very pathetic and sad, I didnt even know what "teabagging" was until it was mentioned on CNN by an anchor as a joke about protesters, pornographic jokes like that just prove that the progressive left really is what those right wingers say they are
You are a sick, disgusting, failure as a woman and my generation of women who will be mothers and wives will be better off if you learn to have some self respect and class.

Maleficent: What is your point? I'm not quite understanding your point about my being pathetic, sad, sick, disgusting, and a failure of a woman, lacking self-respect and class, for writing a post about the very real lunatic fringe of immature and irresponsible individuals who would prefer to kill us and destroy our playground if they can't tell us how and what to play on it. That's a threat to all of us!

I also imagine that many didn’t know the sexual connotation of “teabagging” until it was pointed out on several news shows after being picked up from the internet. You may not be aware that Tea Party attendees embraced the nick-name of "tea-baggers" when the movement first began to organize local protests against President Obama's so-far non-existent tax increases on the middle class. A friend of mine, who still attends local Tea Parties, also still embraces the nick-name (though I consider myself a fiscal conservative, my friend and I agree to disagree in regard to this particular aspect of fiscal politics and I obviously do not support the Tea Party movement). If you are offended by its now-known sexual connotation, please feel free to refrain from using it. I am not the boss of you, nor am I talking about you in this post. Unless you would prefer to see me dead if I don't bow to your (or anyone else's) personal and extra-legal ideas about how society should be run. If that's the case, then I AM talking about you. After all, that anti-American threat is what the actual post, not the one you’ve made up in your head, is all about. Somehow I don't think that's the case, though the name-calling and assumptions about me seem somewhat immature, and I could be wrong.

Anonymous: While you scramble to put me in a category check off the minority, under thirty, urban, college educated, non-religious boxes.

Maleficent: You could be a kindly grandma from Tigard, Oregon, for all I know or care. The only thing I'm scrambling to do is figure out your point.

Anonymous: What kind of parent and wife are you that you would blog this way knowing that if the cyberbullying act gets signed, rick perry can sign an affidavit and have you arrested on federal charges to serve not more than 2 years in a federal lockup

Text of the bill
‘(a) Whoever transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication, with the intent to coerce, intimidate, harass, or cause substantial emotional distress to a person, using electronic means to support severe, repeated, and hostile behavior, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.
HR 1966

Maleficent: I deny your accusation of cyberbullying. I have not “coerced, intimidated, harassed, or caused substantial emotional distress to a person, using electronic means to support severe, repeated, and hostile behavior”. Perhaps you are trying to instigate such behavior with your accusations and your unsupported description of me?

My blog consists of legitimate critiques of various issues that are important to me and to my family, so I am being the best possible wife and parent by highlighting these issues in order to improve life for myself, my husband and my children! In this particular case, my post highlights the immaturity and danger of those who would destroy what they cannot control. I love being an American, and I love living in the USA, and I resent those who would destroy it! I am acting in my family's best interests by pointing out these threats to our great country!

Recent case in point #1 - Scott Roeder
Recent case in point #2 - James von Brunn

If you can clarify your accusations and statements about my personal characteristics with specific examples, I will be delighted to address them.

Anonymous: So go ahead, say something bad about me, say something you feel will cause me emotional distress. Already by your blog post persons who you call "tea-baggers" could have you visiting a cell.

Maleficent: One more time: I do not know you. I don’t know anything about you except what you’ve written above. I certainly don’t know enough about you to insult you, nor do I wish to cause you emotional distress. Are you a fan of Rick Perry? Have you have attended a Tea Party or two? Did you read my post’s title, see the word “tea-bagger" or the name Rick Perry in there, then get all upset and posted without thinking or reading further? After all, had you actually read the post, you would have known that I was quoting another blogger’s post, excellent and with which I strongly agree, mentioning Rick Perry as the first to call for armed rebellion against the USA (Case in point #3 – what kind of person calls for armed rebellion simply because not everyone agrees with him or her? This is a threat to my country and to my family! And yours!) But, regardless of the mention of Rick Perry in the quoted section, MY post was more from the Orson Scott Card side (Case in point #4, another individual who would KILL because some people don't agree with his bigotry, a giant threat to America and therefore, to me and my family! And yours!) What is it? Are you a huge Orson Scott Card fan and responded offensively to my post on his behalf? Maybe you just don’t like the word “tea-bagger”? What? What? I truly don’t get your point! Help me out! First, though, I humbly suggest that you actually read posts prior to responding so that you can address concerns about the actual post and not the one you made up in your head that got you all angry.

Looking forward to hearing from you with some actual discussion points or at least a specific description or what it is about my post that put the bee in your bonnet!

Update: almost two months later - What, nothing? Yeah, that's what I thought.

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