Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Feminist Alert!

As a self-identifying feminist, I have been following the recent uproar all over the web, but haven't made any comment, mostly because I don't feel like I'm really knowledgeable enough as a newbie blogger,and really as a newbie feminist in that I identified as one without knowing what it was all about, to comment on issues of such importance. The bottom line is that many women (mostly women of color) are being marginalized and told to shut up by the mainstream-type (mostly white) feminist community. As a middle-class white woman, I had identified with feminism more along the lines of "make your own damned sandwich" or "I don't have to wear makeup" or "violence against women must stop" which was fine in my small world, but WAY simplistic. The internet and all the wonderful feminist bloggers of all persuasions have opened my eyes. I am going to have to start working to educate myself, beginning with every single blog listed on this post from Ico, who, sadly, has no blog, more sadly, has no intention of blogging, yet put into words what I, in my tiny little world, needed to learn and become aware of if I want to be part of the larger community of womanists.

I'm nobody, and nobody reads this blog, but if you accidentally come across it, come learn with me, starting with the blogs listed in the post above.

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