Monday, April 28, 2008

Memories of Ignorant Youth, Part III


Reading the Skepchick blog this morning, I ran across this post by writerdd. It reminded me of a time, way back when, I think I was in middle school (5 - 8 grades at my school), but don't remember which specific grade. I had become enamored of vampires. I think it happened after the Frank Langella movie. Yes, he used to be hot, back in the 70's.

At any rate, I was so enamored that for several months, I would leave my window open, just a crack, just enough for HIM to get in. I would also try to fall asleep on my back with my hair spread over my pillow in a (I thought) sultry way, just like Kate Nelligan's hair in the movie.

What a dork.

Still, having seen the preview clip for this new vampire show, I may just have to start leaving my window open, just a crack...

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